Hi there! My name is Trenna Tataipu. I was born and raised on the Island of Oahu. Brought into this world by my loving parents Moeletoa and Adessa Leiataua along with my 7 siblings. Graduated from Kahuku High School in 2012 then attended Brigham Young University of Hawaii for a couple of semesters. I am now married and is sealed for time and all eternity to my wonderful husband Lofi and our beautiful babies Herenui & Ezra. I am living the life of a stay at home mommy and wife; I must admit that I am loving it. I am a woman with many dreams but they are on hold for now. I love learning new things everyday especially as a mother, I feel like it’s a must to know everything because kids ask all kinds of questions these days. I’ve known about the Gospel and have been a member of the church my whole life. I am very blessed to have two amazing parents who have done their best to be instruments in the Lords hands. They taught me to fear the Lord and to love Him. They taught me to give because I have been given much. They taught me about the Atonement of Jesus Christ, He gave His life for every one of us. I want to share my story of how I found peace in my life through the Atonement.

Was not worthy of His love

Growing up, I was taught to keep my body sacred and pure and to not have any sexual relationships with anyone except to the man I marry. Throughout my senior year of high school, I had set goals for myself to prepare to marry a worthy Priesthood holder in the Temple of the Lord. While I was attending BYUH, my husband and I met 3 months after he returned from his mission in Mexico. We fell in love, dated for a year then we were married but not sealed because of our circumstance. I felt ashamed and embarrassed because I, a daughter of God, had broken a commandment to keep myself pure, to not have any sexual relations to anyone but my husband. I was 2 months pregnant when we got married and then we decided to move to Utah. I believed that if I chose the right, I was a good person and God would pour out His blessings and God would love me for my right doings. If I made a wrong decision, I made myself believe that I wasn’t worthy of His love, His blessings, and most of all, His forgiveness. In the past I was able to forgive myself and encourage myself to see the Bishop and begin the process to right my wrongs; but this time, it was hard for me to see my bishop at all. After we got married, I knew it was going to be difficult for my husband and I. We went through a lot of trials and disappointments which made it harder for me to return to the path of righteousness. I stopped going to church, I treated everyone I loved horribly and wanted to just give up on eternal marriage.

A change of mind and heart

Every day I told myself that I didn’t deserve the Lords forgiveness and that He didn’t love me; but He was trying to show me every day that He did. The whole time. Through my parents, my husband, my friends, my bishop, my extended family and my ward members. After I had my daughter, I remember a conversation I had with my mom over the phone, I was crying and told her how I felt, she told me, ‘don’t feel like you don’t deserve anything because of what you did; keep trying and the Lord will help you along the way’.  While I was putting myself down about the mistake I made, life went on and nothing was going to happen unless I forgave myself. I had people on the sidelines cheering me on, telling me that I can do it! I had a loving husband willing to work through the hard times with me. I had a daughter at the time, waiting to be sealed to her parents who care for her more than anything in the world. I needed to change. I wanted to change. My husband and I made the choice to see our Bishop, we sat down with him after a year of being married. We were ready to be sealed to each other. I looked forward to going to Temple classes every Sunday because I wanted to learn more about the gospel and our Savior and it was one step closer to being sealed to my family. My husband and I received callings to be Primary teachers and it has been the best calling I’ve received so far. I get to sit down and prepare a lesson with my husband, which ends up deep spiritual discussions most of the time, and I get to teach innocent children about our Savior Jesus Christ. By teaching them, I am reminded of how I felt at that age, that I am a child of God and He has sent me here so that I may live and learn from my mistakes. My husband and I did our best to go to church every Sunday to fulfill our callings in our ward and our calling as parents. Our marriage strengthened and became unbreakable when were sealed in the Timponogas Temple on December 27th 2014.


The Beautiful Tataipu Family

I feel my Saviors Love

It was only after I repented of my sins that I felt the power of the Atonement and Gods love for me. I am so grateful for the Atonement because without it I wouldn’t be able to live with my family forever. Without it I wouldn’t have truly felt sorrow for my actions nor would I have felt joy in my progression. Each day I remind myself to be better than yesterday because there is someone rooting for me in Heaven to come home to Him and Home is where I want to be after this life. He is rooting for all of us to return unto Him. It is never too late to repent and right our wrongs because he has made it possible for us to be forgiven. I know HE LIVES. Our Savior lives and He LOVES each and every one of US. I know He died for everyone of US and He wants us all to return to Him. I encourage you to see your Bishop if you are seeking help with anything personal that may be damaging your Spirit. He is not there to judge you but to help you. I testify that only through the Atonement will we be able to really feel of His Love and His blessings.

July Visiting Teahing message (2)

Featured Image Above: Trenna and her awesome husband Lofi, Salt Lake, Utah



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