My name is Janet Anderson. I’m 26 years old. If you ask me where I’m from, I’m from New Zealand. But if you ask me what Ethnicity I am, I am Tongan. Although, my father also comes from a line of Maori and English descent.
Janet and her supportive husband
Almost 6 years ago I solidified my Maori and English heritage by marrying my husband. My wife moods may speak otherwise but being married to him has been my greatest accomplishment. We have two lovely children and they are our precious jewels where we wear their arms around our necks and close to our hearts. As a mum, I blog at Motivate Me Mommy. People ask me why I use “o” instead of “u” for “mommy” and it’s simply because “mummy” reminds me of the zombie mummies. I am also an enrolled Barrister and Solicitor. I graduated with an LLB from the University of Waikato. But I’m playing “mommy” at the moment.
I originally come from a family of 5, placing me as number 4 in line. I was born and brought up in The Church of Jesus of Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). Being born into the LDS faith is like being born into a family with a wealth of inheritance. The teachings in my home as a child has enriched my life with happiness and eternal perspective. This is my experience. In saying all of this, I have so many friends who were baptized into the church as teens or adults and they’ve inhaled the gospel as if they’ve been learning and living it all their lives. They’re the golden ones.
One thing I love about the Gospel
There are a lot of things I love about the gospel. But if I am to pick just one, nothing too deep or detailed, I love how the gospel teaches us to be accepting of others. This teaching is simple yet so powerful. To accept someone is to love someone. We may not agree in all things but we can be accepting of each others friendship/relationship. Something simple that the world doesn’t teach to its full effect.
Being a woman of influence during perilous times
As a woman in the gospel of Jesus Christ, I’ve come to understand my role here on earth. Not just as a mother and wife, but as an individual. I’ve learnt the importance of being purposeful in the hands of God. How? By not surrendering to the  things of the world. To be able to be at home, or to go to work, or to go to a church of your choice etc they are privilleges. To choose what we may or may not do is freedom. To freely walk your children to the park without imminent fear is liberty. The ability to make our own choices, to act for ourselves is a blessing given to all. This is great, right?
How do I not surrender to the things of the world?
The obvious answer is to read your scriptures and say your prayers. Entirely true. However, I believe that such spiritual nourishment can only be effective with we act. I specifically like the chorus of the hymn
“Have I done any good?”…
“Then wake up, and do something more
Than dream of your mansion above
Doing good is a pleasure, a joy beyond measure
A blessing of duty and love”
I’ve learnt to “wake up” be more vocal and firm about things that hinder families and the work of God. When the election rolls back around and it’s time to vote, my husband and I look for the nearest voting booth. Prior to that, we make the effort to research the different parties and find out what their underlying policies are, who and what they support and how they can protect our agency.  I’ve learnt to “do something more” by sharing goodness on social media and keeping myself informed with the affairs of the world so I know when I’m needed. By doing my part, there is definitely a feeling of “pleasure and joy in my home”. There are so many things we can do in our homes and communities to be a woman of influence.
My contribution to society allows me to keep my agency, defend my belief and allow Heavenly Father’s plan to continue on this earth. That’s how important and crucial are voices as individuals. Don’t just dream of our mansions above, but get out there and do more. We don’t have to hold any ranking in society to be a woman of influence. We just have to act.
Do I see the Lords hand in these everyday acts?
Yes. The more I get myself involved in helping the Lords work spread, my vision to being purposeful in his hands become more clear. A variety of opportunities unfold and blessings are transparent.
But more over, I see the Lord’s hand in the freedom my family has to be a family. The number of families being displaced and forced out of their homes in many countries are rising because their agency is being taken away by radicals or incompetent leaders. In New Zealand, we’re fortunate enough to still live in a land of peace and freedom. That by itself is an out pour of blessings in my life.
It can be a little scary to stand up for our beliefs and defend what’s right. I know so. But I like how an esteemed BYU teacher put it, As members in the church “You have to be willing to offend here, you have to be willing to take the risk. That’s where the faith comes in… Our commitment is supposed to be a test, it’s supposed to be hard, it’s supposed to be impractical in the terms of this world.
My membership as an LDS Woman is forever empowering. I’m not afraid to be a woman of faith and belief.
The Beautiful Anderson Family, bless their beautiful hearts!

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