I am.

Kiwi born Tuvaluan ENTJ

Eldest and shortest of 8. Love my siblings!

Devout Mormon. Not your Molly type.


I also am.

family lover, fanatical learner, strategist freak, avid entrepreneur, clean junky.

health devoted, diy dreamer and an ardent of everything-nature and lights.

Proud aunt, Co founder, chief operations officer, mentor & entrepreneur,

I can come across. 

Stubborn. Driven. Opinionated.

But when it comes.

To thee most scrumptious full of life nephews Deieon & Dromen, my heart just melts.

They never fail to remind me ‘if you want to change the world, go home and love your family; for no amount of money, title or success can take the place of time spent with them’ – Mother Theresa

I cherish.

All relationships and learning opportunity.

Wholesome-krackup-intellect-heart stimulating conversations.

Blogging stories of our everyday Polynesian/Maori/Melanesian/Micronesian women.

I relish in.

Vision. Organization. Action.

exploring cultures & cuisines.

lights. palm trees. photography.

traveling, heights. the ocean.

AND – cleaning products (cleaning has become quite therapeutic)

I say. 

Bless your heart (all. the. time)

AND. my bucket-list is.

Insanely crazy, it scares the heck out of me!


I believe.

I can break status quo.

Family time is sacred time.

Nothing happens until I act.

When there is no vision, I perish.

I work in silence and let success talk.

Best way to predict my future is to create it.

Life is. 

Too short. We must live. laugh. love. forgive. love more.

Much purposeful when

My Faith.

Governs all that I am, do and ought to become.

With God, ALL things are possible.

For without God. I am nothing.


Featured photo above – Infamous nephews, left to right [Dromen Seumanutafa (1) Deieon Seumanutafa (4), and their favourite aunt] Bless my nephews hearts. 

Why we created PACIFIC LDS WOMEN