I am.

New Zealand born Tuvaluan ENTJ

Eldest and shortest of 8.

Devout Mormon. Not your Molly type.

Stubborn. Driven. Opinionated. Thriving to break status quo.

Proud Aunty to thee most scrumptious, most full of life nephews Deieon & Dromen!

I certainly don’t live for the approval of others, I live for the approval from the man above.

I cherish.

All my relationships. Crave any learning opportunity.

Enjoy wholesome- intellect and heart stimulating conversations.

Creating opportunities for women to build self confidence, self worth and sustainable lives

Making a difference in the lives of our young Pasefika people.

I relish in

Organization, order and setting goals

Cleaning products and find cleaning and painting therapeutical.

DIY projects, interior designing, photography and homeware

Clean, empowering, create awareness, authentic articles. LinkedIn newsfeed.

My bucket-list is

Insanely crazy, it scares the heck out of me!

Nonetheless I believe

Nothing happens until I act.

Best way to predict my future is to create it.

Life is too short to not take risks.

I’ve never

Blogged before. published an article. written a book. weighed 65kg. hot yoga. been a health activist. completed a marathon, boxed before, spoken Arabic. visited 7 wonders. climb the pyramids in Egypt. sky dive in Queenstown. ride all top 10 roll coasters in the world. spend the day in the Library of Congress . see a broad-way show in New York. given out educational scholarships. hugged Sheryl Sandberg. sent my father on first class to Fifa World cup. designed my first home. built my first home. built parents home. helped my siblings fulfill their dreams. franchised. invested. created more businesses. owned an orphanage. built a financial empire. been a mother to many stripling warriors. All in good time, Someday, I will.

For now, I’m just

Your regular Pasefika Female Mormon. Who has lived the fob life. From South Auckland.

Co Founder, Chief Operations Officer, Mentor & Entrepreneur

My Faith

Governs all that I am, do and ought to become.

For with God, ALL things are possible.