Child Sexual Abuse – How To Prevent In Our Pasifika Families

Tuesday Talk Topic #1 – Child Sexual Abuse – How To Prevent In Our Pasifika Families? 

To celebrate the new launch of PACIFIC LDS WOMEN we are grateful to Lani Wendt Young, a Mormon, blogger, columnist, mother of 5 and author of the Telesa series, for allowing us to feature her inspiring article SAMOA, A PAEDOPHILE’S PARADISE? – HOW TO HELP PREVENT CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. A SURVIVOR AND PARENT PERSPECTIVE. As you click on the link below to read more, here are few questions you may want to consider when sharing your thoughts. What teachings of the gospel can you draw to help victims of child sexual abuse? As Polynesian women how can we help prevent this horrific act in our families, youth, church and communities? What can we do to better educate our children to voice their opinions? What counsels have we received from our church leaders to help deal with difficult issues like this? Remember to ask yourself before you post ‘will this help a sister strengthen her commitment to Christ?’

“Its a topic we too often sweep under the fala and so it continues to occur” – Lani Wendt Young

Discussion will take place on PACIFIC LDS WOMEN Facebook group.

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