Are you female, of Polynesian, Maori, Melanesian, or Micronesian decent AND a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Have you ever felt alone, mistreated or rejected? Are you struggling with your testimony of the Saviour and for some reason you don’t know why or how to strengthen it (or maybe you do know but you just can’t be bothered)? Do you feel like you are doing everything you can to stay true to your covenants but you don’t have the moral support you deserve, you’re too busy or life is just too hard? Do you have weaknesses/ addictions and are desperate to turn them into strengths? Are you losing hope in this changing society? Have you ever wondered how your characteristics of being Female + Polynesian/Maori/Melanesian/Micronesian + Mormon can influence the society, your families, the church, your network, on Priesthood holders and future generations? Are you trying to amend a broken relationship? Perhaps you’re trying to find creative ways to strengthen your commitment to the Saviour? Or your just curious and want to know ‘what on earth am I reading here?’

Every day we wake up with new questions, OR we have questions that are yet to be answered OR questions that we know the answer to but we just don’t want to admit to it OR better yet, act upon it. We are very fortunate to have the Gospel to draw upon its teachings to help answer these questions. Along the journey we can also find answers through each other.


Pacific LDS Women is a blog, a fun interactive way for Polynesian, Maori, Melanesian, Micronesian women of the LDS faith to exchange unique stories. Because of our 3 distinct commonalities being (Female + Polynesian/Maori/Melanesian/Micronesian + Mormon) not only can we relate to each other well, but we will see how other sisters use teachings from the Gospel to deal and overcome life’s challenges and successes; and in turn inspire us to be better; thus strengthening our personal commitment to Jesus Christ. We have a PACIFIC LDS WOMEN Facebook group where women can share personal experiences, inspirational quotes and post questions to spark and/or facilitate discussions. We just created a Facebook Page where all the stories are shared for easy access, simply open to anyone who want to view the stories of our Pasifika women.

FAQ 3: Does this include Maori women as well?

Of course! We’ve had a few comments and messages regarding this. Our whole lives being raised in New Zealand we’ve always considered our Maori women to be Polynesians (just because we are so similar in culture and in way of life). Many of you would DISAGREE otherwise and probably have legitimate reasons. Either-way the blog is open to all!

FAQ 4: What is the Purpose of PACIFIC LDS WOMEN?
Purpose 1: To strengthen our personal commitment to Jesus Christ.
Purpose 2: To simply bring LDS global sisters together into one place, where we can share, learn, lift, be edified and inspired from each other’s life experiences and insights of the Gospel.
Purpose 3: Fun way to network with Polynesian Mormon Sisters across the globe (YSA, married, divorced, widowed, the elderly, you name it, all are welcome).

We’ve recently added a 4th Purpose

Purpose 4: To reach out to the ‘one’ everyday.

The scripture found in Luke 22:32 eloquently reflects the purpose of PACIFIC LDS WOMEN ‘When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren’.

FAQ 5: What will the blog consist of?
Stories of our everyday Polynesian sisters of the LDS faith. The blog will consist of Polynesian women of the LDS faith across the world who live beautiful ordinary lives but do much in their families, communities, profession and in the Church. They too have their struggles and their imperfections and they share their unique story. These stories are based on real life issues we often neglect, don’t necessarily acknowledge or perhaps, don’t know how to deal with as Polynesian women of the LDS faith. Some stories are based on successes and some are based on, but not limited to – cultural, spiritual, intellectual, social, mental, physical & emotional issues. There will be at least one story posted each week on the blog. This number will vary. NOTE: The information and personal stories should not be viewed as official statements from the church.

FAQ 6: Any additional features?

Yes, the following features will be occasionally added over time (still work in progress)
Recipes (cause you know how we love our food – so be prepared and willing to share your secret recipes. As our mamas would say ‘sharing is caring’)
– Section where women can place their personal blogs and websites (additional exposure of Polynesian talent) I.E. Polynesian photographers, Polynesian makeup artists, Polynesian bloggers, Polynesian business owners, Polynesian doctors etc. So if you know anyone Poly LDS sister who want to network or market their talents online please email pacificldswomen@gmail.com. Lets encourage our Poly sisters to get their work out in the world! CHECK THIS SPACE!

FAQ 6a: How is this going to work?

  • There will stories featured on the blog spontaneously, this number will vary. Each story will be shared to the PACIFIC LDS WOMEN Facebook group and page.
  • Although the main feature are the stories, occasionally overtime, additional features will be posted to the blog.
  • Anytime during the week on the Facebook Group, sisters are most welcome to post questions, articles, quotes or personal impressions that could benefit our sisters. Before you post anything ask yourself ‘will this help a sister strengthen her commitment to Jesus Christ?’ We have enough negativity going on all around us, so lets strive to collectively create a wholesome safe environment for each other. REMEMBER this is a fun interactive way and another resource to share the gospel.

FAQ 7: What’s in it for you Poly sisters?
We truly believe that behind every beautiful Polynesian woman, there is an aching heart that has created an inspiring story. You never know what our stories and insights of the gospel can do to help our Polynesian sisters strengthen their commitment to the Saviour. AND what a better place than to share our pearls of wisdom through the internet, where many of us spend a lot of time on? (But foreals though). President Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s said it so simply: My dear young friends, perhaps the Lord’s encouragement to ‘open [your] mouths’ might today include ‘use your hands’ to blog and text message the gospel to all the world!

FAQ 8: What’s in it for us creators? 
Well nothing really. We just want to expose incredible Polynesian women of the Mormon faith, regardless of circumstances, who live ordinary beautiful lives, who struggle and succeed and do much in building God’s Kingdom within their families, relationships and profession. We’ve realized over the years that if we can be inspired by these women, no doubt many of us can learn from each other through PACIFIC LDS WOMEN social mediums.

FAQ 9: What if I don’t want to be part of the Facebook group or blog?
At the end of the day the choice is ultimately yours. No one is obliged. However we are going to ask a blunt question raising a voice of concern sprinkled with love. If you could spend 1 – 5 hours on Facebook/Youtube everyday (where some of its contents are not even inspiring at all) surely you can spend 5 minutes checking out the blog, Facebook Group or Page where its contents are supposed to be wholesome and uplifting? Part of PACIFIC LDS WOMEN is to uplift, edify and inspire each other with hope, this will draw us closer to our Saviour and thus strengthen our personal commitment to Christ. What better way than to be inspired by our own Polynesian Women?

FAQ 10: Are there rules? 
Honestly sisters, because we live in a fortunate part of the world where we can freely voice our opinions & insights, all we ASK is that you be mindful of each other and respect each other’s stories and insights. If you disagree with any insights that’s OKAY! We personally think it is healthy to have different perspectives. But do try to refrain from negative talk, gossip, bickering and honestly no haters; because if this was to ever happen, then it defeats the actual purpose of the blog. CAUTION: Any comments made on PACIFIC LDS WOMEN blog, Facebook Group and Page that are inappropriate and have profanity will be immediately removed. 

FAQ 11: How long do you think this blog will last? 
Honestly we don’t know – it’s not a concern for us at the moment. All we hope is it serves its purpose while it lasts (whether it be 1 month or 1 year). We truly hope our Polynesian sisters of the LDS faith understand their divine worth and that our unique characteristics, personalities, heritage, experiences and knowledge can help lift and inspire each other, thus strengthening our commitment to Jesus Christ.

FAQ 12: What if I want to share my story?
We want to hear from you! Click on HOW?

If you know any Polynesian women who have influenced your life in some way, and you KNOW their story can help our Poly sisters come closer to Christ, let me know!

FAQ 12a: Can I post my story and be anonymous?

FAQ 13: Are you open to new suggestions, i.e. could we suggest names/ideas?
Absolutely! We are flexible and open to anything to improve the reliability and genuine personality of the blog.

FAQ 14: I’m not a Mormon?


A WARM WELCOME to you new friends! We hope you feel the LOVE flowing within the PACIFIC LDS WOMEN. Feel free to post and share on our social platforms. Want to know more about our beliefs?

FAQ 15: Who can be part of the Facebook group?
The target audience is any female of Polynesian, Maori, Melanesian, Micronesian decent and a member of the LDS faith, but is OPEN TO ALL.

FAQ 16: What inspired Kaveinga Lisati to create this blog? 


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