Tuesday Talk – Law of Chastity and Faikava.

Because there are good discussions taking place right now on PACIFIC LDS WOMEN Facebook group, there will be no specific Tuesday topic this week. Please visit the Facebook group page, scroll down and view the questions posted by a couple of our beautiful sisters regarding Chastity and Faikava on 8/06/2015 and 9/06/2015.

For your convenience we have re-posted the questions:

ChastityC. Agafili 

Two questions I would love insight on from any of our sisters:
1. Are there any church material that addresses the issue of the Law of chastity and the Word of wisdom in a straight forward, no bull manner for the YSA?
2. Any suggestions on an effective way of introducing/ addressing the Law of Chastity with youth that are struggling with it now? (Preferably suggestions that aren’t already addressed in the youth books or elaborating more on the content in the youth books we have already) mainly, how to help them get through it and back to strengthening their testimony, their love for the gospel and most importantly, their love for themselves! Comment on her post made on 08/06/2015.

FaikavaK. Tonga

What an incredible view from Kalani Tonga on Faikava! Check out her blog and please comment under her post made today 09/06/2015.


Chastity kava

Image Credit: Pinterest – Law of Chastity, LDS quotes & Kava


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