Visiting Teaching – June

During the creation of PACIFIC LDS WOMEN blog, we would often ask our mother’s feedback, what we could improve on (because there is always room for improvement), what we can change and add. So when our mother (bless her heart) first checked the page, the first thing she said was ‘Where is the Visiting Teaching (VT) message? You should have the VT message, make sure you put the VT message for June’. “Visiting teaching gives women the opportunity to watch over, strengthen, and teach one another. Through visiting teaching, the Relief Society president helps the bishop identify and resolve short-term and long-term needs of the sisters and their families” (Handbook 2, 9.5). Although the official website of the church has the VT message, beginning of each month we’ll post the link that directs you to the VT message. In this way, those sisters who have yet to complete their visiting teaching, sisters who may not receive a visit for the month and those sisters who are not of our faith can access the message through PACIFIC LDS WOMEN. Feel free to share your thoughts and insights on the visiting teaching message in the Facebook group. You never know what your insights, comments and love for Visiting Teaching can do to help uplift a sister and reach out to the ‘one’.

Visiting Teaching Message – June 2015

Divine Attributes of Jesus Christ – Virtue

VT 2

Image credits: Pinterest – Visiting Teaching LDS Quotes


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