Talofa! Kiaora! Malo e lelei! Bula Vinaka! Kia Orana! Malo Ni! Fakaalofa lahi atu, Talofa lava and WELCOME to you beautiful sisters!

PACIFIC LDS WOMEN is a blog and a Facebook group. These social mediums allow for fun interactive ways for all Polynesian (including our dear Maori) women of the LDS faith to share personal stories and insights of the gospel. Because of our 3 distinct commonalities being Female + Polynesian + Mormon, not only can we relate to each other well, but we will see how other Polynesian sisters across the world use teachings from the Gospel to deal and overcome life’s challenges and successes; in turn, inspire us to become more like our Saviour and thus help strengthen our personal commitment to Jesus Christ.

PACIFIC LDS WOMEN STORIES – You don’t have to be a super woman, you don’t have to be world’s top CEO or have had a dramatic challenge take place in your life to share your story, although if you do, please, we’d still love to hear from you! The point I’m trying to get across is what sets this blog a-part are the STORIES of our everyday Polynesian sisters. We live hectic beautiful ordinary lives and we have all contributed some way in our communities, families, profession and in the Church. Why not voice our stories? Why not share our testimonies? Sometimes the most simplest stories are the most inspiring. We honestly just want you to be YOU.

If your thinking ‘I don’t have a story to tell’ well let me tell you with love, “Behind EVERY beautiful Polynesian woman, there is an INSPIRING story to tell”. You never know what your story can do to influence others for the better! The VISION is, if at least ONE sister EVERYDAY is uplifted and strengthened to become more like the Saviour then PACIFIC LDS WOMEN has served its purposes. 

4 Distinct Purposes of PACIFIC LDS WOMEN

Purpose 1: To strengthen our personal commitment to Jesus Christ.
Purpose 2: To simply bring LDS sisters of Polynesian decent together; to share, learn, lift, be edified and inspired from each other’s life experiences and insights of the Gospel.
Purpose 3: Fun way to network & reunite with Polynesian Mormon Sisters across the GLOBE (YSA, married, divorced, widowed, the elderly, you name it, all are welcome).

We’ve recently added a 4th Purpose

Purpose 4: To reach out to the ‘one’.

The scripture found in Luke 22:32 eloquently reflects the purpose of PACIFIC LDS WOMEN ‘When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren’.

How does it work?
  • FOR 2016, there will be at least one new story featured on the blog every month, this number will vary. Each story will be shared to the PACIFIC LDS WOMEN Facebook group and page.
  • Although the main feature are the stories, occasionally overtime additional features will be posted to the blog. Refer to FAQ’s menu above for further information.
  • Anytime during the week, sisters are most welcome to post questions, articles, quotes or personal impressions that could benefit our sisters. Before you post anything ask yourself ‘will this help a sister strengthen her commitment to Jesus Christ?’. We have enough negativity going on all around us, so lets strive to collectively create a wholesome safe environment for each other. REMEMBER this is a fun interactive way and another resource to share the gospel.

Do I have to be Female, Polynesian or Mormon to participate?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Although these 3 distinct commonalities are the bases for bringing us together, this shouldn’t seclude you or anyone else from sharing your story. Anyone is welcome to participate.

Not a Mormon? Want to know more about our beliefs? 

A WARM WELCOME to you new friends! We hope you feel the LOVE flowing within the PACIFIC LDS WOMEN social mediums. For more information on who we are and what we believe, please check out www.mormon.org

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Want to know more how PACIFIC LDS WOMEN came about? Click on link to view full story.


CAUTION: Any comments made on PACIFIC LDS WOMEN blog and Facebook Group that are inappropriate and have profanity will be immediately removed. There is no room for negativity here. 

NOTE: PACIFIC LDS WOMEN is not an official group of the church. It is a social group of members from the church utilizing social mediums to uplift each other, share personal stories and to share the gospel. The information and insights exchanged on the blog and Facebook group should not be viewed as official statements from the church.

4 thoughts on “What is PACIFIC LDS WOMEN?

  1. Love this! You are an amazing vessel in the Lord’s vineyard KV! Excited to participate in this and most excited to develop a deeper commitment to my Savior through inspiration of my fellow Polynesian sisters around the world!
    Bless your heart sister xxx


  2. Iaorana!
    We are the center of the Polynesian triangle… TAHITI 🍃🌺🍃. Thank you for the inspiring idea. Looking forward to be part of it. Mauruuruu.


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